Get The Most Out Of Your Tires

Too often, we just don’t give our tires a lot of thought. When things are going right, we tend to take them for granted, just like we take it for granted that when we sit in the driver’s seat and turn the key, the engine is going to start.

The tires are one of the biggest investments on your vehicle, but they will, of course, wear out over time. Here are some ways to get the longest service life out of that investment:

Tire care tips in GeorgiaInflationRubber is a porous material, and air molecules can migrate through rubber as well as through the valve stem. Even good, fairly new tires will lose pressure, and underinflated tires mean more rolling resistance and friction. That added rolling resistance will lead to poorer fuel economy and excessive heat buildup that will shorten tire life and lead to uneven tire wear. Take a paper clip and flex it back and forth until it breaks from metal fatigue. Feel how hot the metal gets? That’s what’s happening to the steel belts in an underinflated tire as they flex excessively and weaken.

Wheel alignment
When your front wheels are out of alignment, one tire is skewed outward or inward, or is tilted inward or outward at the top. That causes the annoying pull to one side as you drive down straight roads, with that tire constantly trying to push or pull the vehicle in another direction. It also means uneven tire wear due to that tire being dragged along by the other tires, scrubbing the tread off at the inside or outside edge. Tire wear due to poor wheel alignment is not covered by tread wear warranty, either.

Tire rotations
The front and rear tires of any vehicle are subjected to differing forces, due to weight distribution and the shift of vehicle weight that comes with braking and cornering. Tire rotations ensure even tire wear as the tires’ positions are shifted on the vehicle, and should be done every 5,000 miles or so. A tire rotation will result in an immediate improvement in drivability and ride quality…and tire wear due to failure to rotate tires will not be covered under warranty. 


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