Tread Patterns -- Which Is Right For You?

October 12th, 2016

Tire tread patterns are the designs of grooves, ribs and independent tread blocks molded into the tire’s surface to help manage noise levels, wear , traction, and Tires in Marietta GA handling. These are some basic tread patterns for most tires:

Symmetric tread patterns are the most common for passenger tires. They feature continuous ribs or independent tread blocks across the entire tread face of the tire, with the same pattern across the inboard and outboard halves. A symmetric tread pattern allows for easy tire rotation, using several tire rotation patterns.

Asymmetric tread designs can offer great traction on dry pavement or in wet or even wintry conditions, with the tread pattern changing across the tire face. The inboard side may feature smaller independent tread blocks for wet traction, with bolder, larger ribs or tread blocks on the outboard side for dry cornering ability.

Directional tread patterns are designed to roll in only one direction. These patterns incorporate lateral grooves on either side of the tire centerline, pointing in the same direction in a V or chevron shape. These grooves help enhance resistance to hydroplaning in wet weather, moving water away from the tire’s contact patch as it rolls. Due to the nature of their design, directional tread pattern tires are to be used on one side of the vehicle, and can only be rotated front-to-read and not in a diagonal pattern.

Asymmetric/directional tread patterns feature the V-shaped, chevron grooves mentioned above, but offset from the tire’s centerline. These tires offer great wet-weather traction and road manners, and must be rotated front-to-read and not in a diagonal pattern.

All of these nuances of design are taken into account along with rubber formulation, tire profile, internal construction and other factors. Taken together, they have a direct effect on ride quality, traction, handling, highway noise and road manners.  What kind of vehicle are you driving? Are you happy with your tires and their comfort and performance? At D.W. Campbell Tire Company in Marietta, GA, we stock the Goodyear family of tires for a wide variety of fitments. Make an appointment with us today

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