Battery Replacement

D.W. Campbell Tire & Auto Service has premium auto repair services in GA and can replace your car battery in your vehicle at competitive prices! Your car battery is crucial to starting your engine. It stores power produced by the alternator and runs the secondary electric systems such as your lights, radio, power seats, power windows, and extra electrical parts in your automobile.

Everything to know about Car Battery Care

The design of an automotive battery hasn’t changed significantly over the last decade.

A battery consists of several “cells” connected together; each cell contains lead plates and an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid. When the battery is discharged, a chemical reaction occurs where the acid loses its acidity and the lead plates’ surfaces turn to lead sulfate. When the battery is charged again, the reaction is reversed and the lead sulfate reverts to lead dioxide again.  

Like the battery in your laptop or cell phone, your battery is rechargeable…and like any rechargeable battery, it can only stand so many charge/discharge cycles before it loses its ability to hold and deliver a charge. And unlike older battery designs, modern batteries often fail without much of a warning.

At D.W. Campbell Tire & Service in Marietta, GA, we offer full battery maintenance services, including:

  • Cleaning the posts, cables and terminals of corrosion. Corrosion shows up as a white or greenish-white fluffy deposit, and can actually prevent the battery from taking or delivering a charge.
  • Cleaning the top of the battery and tightening the hold-down bracket
  • Inspecting the alternator, serpentine belt, and charging system
  • Performing a load test on the battery to determine its reserve cranking power

If your battery is nearing the end of its service life, we have a great selection of quality batteries for you to choose from. Don’t wait until you find yourself stuck in a parking lot somewhere with an engine that won’t turn over, hoping you can prevail on a stranger to give you a jump start.

D.W. Campbell Tire & Auto Service does Car Battery Replacement in GA

Battery maintenance is as important as any other kind of maintenance on your vehicle. Allow our staff at of technicians at D.W. Campbell Tire & Auto Service to assist you in picking the right battery for your vehicle.Make an appointment with us at D.W. Campbell Tire & Service, and make battery maintenance part of your vehicle’s routine preventive maintenance schedule! 

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